Chat Guidelines

The Internet is still a wild frontier, so anything that we say here is obviously only a guideline. AbsoluteChat.com does not moderate the Chat, but if we happen to be in a chat room when someone is being offensive to others, we will consider barring them from using the chat rooms in the future. To avoid this outcome just keep in mind the following guidelines.

  1. Please consider others when using Chat. Freedom of speech is obviously important but everyone using the Chat has an equal responsibility to make the experience fun for all.

  2. Don't post pornographic and/or obnoxious comments. It is currently illegal to post pornography on the internet and the liability rests on the shoulders of the user posting it. It offends many users and is, in the end, childish.

  3. Please don't post the same message over and over again.

  4. If you are posting a message directed to one individual, put their handle before the Chat.

  5. Welcome newcomers and don't ignore them, you were a first-timer once yourself.

  6. Always 'logout' when finished Chatting, as this helps the server to run smoothly by deleting unwanted files.

  7. If you have a complaint or comment to make please email staff@absolutechat.com. We read all mails and endeavour to answer them all, but this is not always possible.